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Unknown to many there is a newly-opened tiny but exciting beach resort located in a little-known and secluded spot in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines, called MOMO BEACH ESCAPE bound to kindle the interest of tourists, foreign and local, with aircon rooms, individual t/b and a glass-enclosed lobby with a panoramic view of some of the finest pristine white sand beaches in the world and crystal clear sea waters for bathing enthusiasts, young and old.

Without posing a challenge to the big resorts which are largely clustered in better known areas, the MOMO BEACH ESCAPE is located in Momo Beach, Panglao, Bohol facing the southern tip of Cebu in between the depths of whose waters are stored some of the Philippines' most famous dive spots, notably the MOMO Reef and NAPALING Dive site.

The travel guides have correctly noted that it was MOMO BEACH which first popularized Panglao island as a tourist destination. During its time that pioneering facility was known as The Good Life, owned by an Italian which closed in the 1980s, There followed a slack in the interest of building resorts in the area largely because of the unwillingness of the owners to part with their property. Meanwhile, sometime early 1980’s, a German national married to a Filipina started a resort facility in Tawala located on the opposite side of Momo in Panglao, now presently known as the world’s famous as Alona beach. The mushrooming of the resorts in Alona some of which are owned or controlled by foreigners or foreign corporations, the ownership of the lots in Alona change hands.

However, the ownership of the lot on which MOMO BEACH ESCAPE is presently located has remained in the names of the heirs of the original owners dating back to the 1850s. These further explains the presence of centuries-old trees with their trunks bent with age towards the sea conveniently providing shade for the bathers, thus retaining a quaint ambiance of antiquity.

The design of the structure housing the Momo Beach Escape seeks to approximate the contemporary Mediterranean model intended to promote and inspire family or group bonding and fellowship. The lobby also serves as a lounge and as a vantage point to gaze at the sea and sky and the tropical island scenery.

The name of the resort " MOMO BEACH ESCAPE" is also meant to convey to the guests a sense of seclusion and privacy which are denied those who stay in the more crowded beaches in Panglao.

The MOMO BEACH ESCAPE is truly an ESCAPE from the hurly-burly of the city and its noise and pollution, even as it provides guests a well-deserved peace and quiet and blissful memories which they bring home to their respective work-a-day world.


About  Momo Beach Escape

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